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New Station Open House - Sunday 9/11 from 1-4pm

Please join us to dedicate the new fire station to the community of Graton at 2pm on September 11. There will also be a remembrance for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The station will be open from 1-4pm.

Click here to see pictures of the finished station.

Click here to see daily pictures of the construction process.

We are very satisfied with the excellent design by the architect, Richard Burton, and his team of engineers as well as the construction by Wright Contracting and its subcontractors. The station was built through cash reserves and a loan from the USDA. The 3.75% fixed loan will be paid back over the next 30 years using the existing taxes paid by our community... NO new taxes or bonds were needed to complete the building. For more details about the project, click here.

New Fire Station Project

In February 2006, the Graton Fire Protection District purchased the Del Davis Christmas Tree Farm located at 3750 Gravenstein Highway North, between Mueller and Green Valley Roads.  The current station, originally built as a train depClick for a full size pictureot, is leaking, has significant structural concerns, and cannot accommodate the current equipment or apparatus.  The existing location is too narrow to build a replacement fire station.  Not only does the new land provide sufficient space, but it is also on Highway 116 offering better access to the district and a higher elevation to watch for smoke.

The new fire station will support the current and future needs of the Fire District.  Each year, the volunteers respond to an increasing number of calls... making Graton the busiest, all-volunteer department in the County.  Realistically, the call volume will reach a point when full-time staffing will be a necessity and the new station will be ready to support it.  It is with this vision that the new fire station will be designed; to meet the demands of the community over the next 50 years.

Bids Results - General Contractor

To view, click on the file name. To download, "right-click" and save to your computer.
Bid Results

At the July 13th, 2010 Graton Fire Protection Board Meeting, the Board of Directors made a motion to award the new fire station construction project to Wright Contracting, Inc., the lowest, responsive bidder. A Notice of Award has been sent to Wright Contracting, Inc. and a Notice to Proceed for August 30th, 2010.

Graton Fire wishes to thank the many, many contractors and subcontractors who bid on the project; we were overwhelmed by the interest... Thank You!


Bid Files (Summary plus lowest three bidders' subcontractors)
Bid Summary Page Wright Subcontractors Artnz Subcontractors McCrary Subcontractors


Contractors who Submitted Bids

Company Contact Name Phone Fax Email Bids
Wright Contracting Barbara Walker
Don Coker
(707) 528-1172

(707) 528-3714

bwalker@wrightcontracting.com $3,520,000
Arntz Builders Kathy Rowen (415) 382-1188 (415) 883-7529 kathyr@arntzbuilders.com $3,605,000
McCrary Construction Mike McCrary (650) 594-1550 (650) 594-0228 mike@mccraryconstruction.com $3,648,000
Hilbers Jerry Lorenzo (530) 673-2947 (530) 674-9578 jerry@hilbersinc.com $3,717,000
Pacific Mtn. Contractors of CA Michael Wackerman (925) 682-6419 (925) 687-8430 estimating@pacific-mountaincontractors.com $3,749,000
Alten Construction Cliff Poulton (510) 234-4200 (510) 234-4221 bids@altenconstruction.com $3,837,000
Helmer & Sons Roy Horinouchi (707) 965-2425 (707) 965-2982 roy@helmers.net $3,903,000
Cerrudo Services Paula Kern (415) 883-5017 (415) 883-5021 paula@cerrudo.com $3,992,849
Midstate Construction Monica Soiland (707) 762-3200 (707) 762-0700 monicas@midstateconstruction.com $4,143,723
Pacatte Construction Co. Jimmy Pacatte (707) 838-4705 (707) 838-6859 jimmie@pacatte.net $4,252,151


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