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The insurance companies utilize a protection class rating system to determine the fire danger. It is calculated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and takes into account many variables. The largest contributing factor for the residents of the Graton Fire Protection District is the lack of a municipal water system (that is, hydrants).  Fortunately, the quality equipment, excellent training, and consistent response of volunteer firefighters offsets the water factor somewhat.

           - Residential and Commercial Buildings are rated Public Protection Class (PPC) 5
           - For a copy of our rating from ISO, click here
              (note to insurance agents: this changed November 2015; prior to that, it was 6.
               In 2008, we upgraded from 8B/9 due to water hauling capabilities; all out of 10.)

Additional Information
           - All residences in Graton are within 5 miles of the firehouse - To determine exact distance, click here
           - Graton engines and tenders have a combined water volume of 4,650 gallons 
           - The initial structure fire response includes an additional engine and tender from neighboring departments, with another 1,500 gallons of water minimum
           - For a listing of our apparatus and their equipment, click here

If you need an insurance declaration from our department, call 823-8400 x101.  The letter from ISO is available here.

Water Tanks for Fire Suppression... No Longer Needed

Historically, properties within Graton (and unincorporated Sonoma County) were required to maintain a 2,500 gallon tank- dedicated to the fire department. If you build or remodel a house, Sonoma County may mention this to you. Starting in 2015, we submitted a letter to the Building Department stating that we would not use the tanks and we do not require them within our fire district. Because the tanks are not inspected by us annually, there is no guarantee that it is full, not filled with sand/rocks, easily accessible, etc. Instead, most fire departments have water tenders that they will share and we establish a water hauling system using them to meet the needs of a structure fire. If you need a copy of our letter on file with the Building Department (i.e., PRMD), please call 707-823-8400 x101.

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